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Aspire to Inspire

At Aspire Academy, we personalize our way of teaching to meet each child's needs and take into account their physical, emotional, psychological, and social development so they can reach their full potential. We want our students to feel supported in every aspect. Continue to read more about Aspire Academy.

Missouri Baptist University hosts Junie B. Jones production

Missouri Baptist University is hosting an exciting event for our Confluence students in grades 2-4 to attend the Junie B. Jones production. The Confluence schools that are participating are: Aspire Academy Academy, Old North Academy, South City Academy.

Winter Edition: Confluence Connect

Each of our campuses has worked hard to bring in new experiences and opportunities for our students this year. Learn more about what we have in store for 2022!

Letter to Confluence Academies Families and Staff regarding change to Academic Calendar

We wanted to share two dates we have changed to our academic calendar for Spring 2022. We recognize many families have plans, so we want to get this information to you as early as possible. Specifically, we are changing Tuesday, February 22, 2022, and Monday, April 18, 2022, to self-care days for our students and staff. There will be no classes or students in session on these two days.

Fall Edition: Confluence Connect

This year we are back for in-person learning! We have begun to settle back into our new routines and reunite with our teachers and classmates to rebuild the in-person relationships that we have missed so much. Continue to read about what our Confluence Academies' campuses have planned for this school year!

Aspire Academy gives young students a solid start

Aspire Academy positions students for success by providing a project-based curriculum that focuses on fundamentals like reading, math, science, technology, and art, as well as a wide range of after-school activities. Learn more about Aspire Academy
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