90 Minutes to W.I.N.


If you are at Aspire Academy for any length of time, you’ll hear students and staff talk about "W.I.N. time.” said Katrina Harman, Principal at Aspire Academy. This stands for What I Need, and it's a 90-minute block of time that we've added to our morning schedule to provide students with tailored instruction and support.


Every morning after breakfast, students participate in activities and instruction that are based on their individual needs. This might include interventions for students who are struggling with certain concepts, enrichment activities for our gifted learners, or additional tutoring and practice for students who need that extra push to fully grasp the material. 


One of the best parts of W.I.N. time is how it brings everyone in the school together. Every teacher and administrator come out to work together to meet the needs of all students across the building. This dedicated, focused time has helped staff get to know each students’ unique needs and gives students the resources they need to succeed.