Increased Vision Leads to Increased Opportunity

This week Aspire Academy was visited by Kids Vision for Life St. Louis (KVFL). KVFL is sponsored and operated by Crown Vision Center, Area Resources for Community and Human Services (ARCHS), and the Essilor Vision Foundation. They provide vision screenings, eye exams and new eyeglasses to students in need, ages 5-13, at no cost to the family. KVFL works throughout the city at mobile clinics, school systems, central locations and special events.

Vision is a crucial component to successful learning in school. The positive impact the ability to see provides our students is indescribable. It is difficult to stay competitive with other students when you can’t even read the board.

KVFL has had a huge impact on our students by providing them all with easy, quick testing and a way to get glasses, if needed. Before KVFL, all nurses could do is refer a student for further testing and wait for the parents or guardians to take them for a follow up. If the student is never taken, they do not receive the care they need to do their best in school. This program gets them the help they need immediately and for FREE!

This year 342 students were screened, 83 failed their vision tests. Out of those 83 that failed, 41 students returned parent permission forms to have an eye exam and 34 were prescribed and received glasses. Here are some images of the students who can now see a lot clearer.