A Note from Aspire Academy: Love the Neighborhood Shoe Giveaway 2015

On October 27, students at Aspire Academy spent part of their day in an assembly, and part of their day enjoying the generosity of volunteers. A short summary of the experience is explained by Heather Triplett, administrative assistant.

“Service International, along with The St. Louis Family Church, graciously came to Aspire Academy to donate free New Balance athletic shoes and a pair of athletic slip-on shoes to each of our students. The volunteers made two visits to our campus – once to measure each student’s feet and the other to deliver the shoes.

The shoes were delivered this morning. The students were extremely excited to receive their new shoes. Pastor Jeff Perry and St. Louis Family Church also brought their entire production team to do an anti- bullying presentation. The performance was quite entertaining and the students were engaged throughout the entire presentation. The students learned about what bullying is, how prevent it, and learned the importance of being nice to each other on a daily basis. The performance was split into two assemblies to accommodate grade levels. Students PreK-3 went to an assembly at 9:00 a.m. and grades 4-6 attended at 10:00 a.m. While the students were enjoying this awesome presentation, the volunteers snuck away to deliver the shoes to each classroom. 

As students left the gym to return to their classrooms, the volunteers created an archway for the students to pass through and hi-five each other. It was such a joy to have this great opportunity.

The students were very excited and expressed joy and appreciation for their new shoes.”

~Submitted by Heather Triplett, administrative assistant, Aspire Academy