2015 MAP, EOC scores for Confluence Charter Schools, Grand Center Arts Academy

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education publicly released the results of the Missouri Assessment Program and End-of-Course exams for 2015. Each spring, students who attend public schools and public charter schools are tested based on state learning standards.

Students in grades 3-8 take grade level assessments in English language arts and math. Students in grades 5 and 8 are also tested in science. Students at the high school level take EOC exams in English II, Algebra I, Biology and Government. Both MAP and EOC are standards-based. There are four levels of achievement: Below Basic, Basic, Proficient and Advanced.

The 2015 exams were the first time students were tested with new standards in English language arts and math. The new standards “raised the expectations for learning in Missouri,” said DESE. Students also experienced another first; the exams were taken online. Since 2010, EOC exams have been taken on a computer.

Overall results for Confluence Charter Schools and Grand Center Arts Academy are:

Confluence Charter Schools

English Language Arts

31.1% Prof/Adv

34.2% Basic

34.7% Below Basic


17.3% Prof/Adv

32.5% Basic

50.2% Below Basic


13.2% Prof/Adv

45.4% Basic

41.4% Below Basic

Grand Center Arts Academy

English Language Arts

54% Prof/Adv

31.8% Basic

14.2% Below Basic


20.9% Prof/Adv

36.9% Basic

42.4% Below Basic


58.5% Prof/Adv

30.9% Basic

10.6% Below Basic


DESE reported that student results in 2015 were higher in nearly every category than results from field tests given in 2014. The new standards in English language arts and math set a starting point, or baseline, for student performance. That means the current year tests can’t be compared to MAP data from past years because the tests are based on different content standards.

DESE also explained that state results of the English language arts test are positive because students “exceeded projections” based on field tests. In math, school districts that focused on Missouri Learning Standards showed higher results than districts that are just beginning to follow the standards. As students get more exposure to math learning standards, DESE expects scores to increase. In science, the test questions remained the same. Again, the difference is that the science grade level assessments were taken online for the first time. DESE will continue to use current Missouri Learning Standards for English and math in 2015-2016, and tests will remain computer-based.

Confluence Charter Schools started in 2003. It has grown from one campus and 245 students to five schools serving more than 3,500 students in the city of St. Louis in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Confluence is a non-profit charter school network with two local education agencies, or LEAs. There are two university sponsors – University of Missouri-Columbia and Saint Louis University.  Four campuses are sponsored by MU – Confluence Academy-Old North, Confluence Academy-South City, Aspire Academy (previously known as Confluence Academy-Walnut Park) and Confluence Preparatory Academy. Saint Louis University is the sponsor for Grand Center Arts Academy. Confluence is governed by one board of directors. It is an independent network not affiliated with an education management company.

To see the results for your school, check out the fact sheets for 2015 on our Assessment Results page.