Congratulations! Confluence recognizes five and 10-year staff

 At the annual Welcome Celebration for teachers and staff, Confluence Charter Schools recognized employees who have been part of the Confluence family for five and 10 years. Twice a year, in August and January, Confluence recognizes the work anniversaries of staff.

Five Years

            Yolanda Bow, special education, Aspire Academy*

            Terry Ford, Title I tutor, Aspire Academy

            Karen Gammon, special education, Aspire Academy

            Deanna Keely, Title I tutor, Aspire Academy

            Candace Poindexter, process coordinator, Aspire Academy

            Talisia Temple, fourth grade, Aspire Academy


            Deangela Belton, third grade, Confluence Academy-Old North

            Shelia Caradine, permanent building substitute, Confluence Academy-Old North

            Tameka Cooley, eighth grade, Confluence Academy-Old North

            Kathleen Davis, school nurse, Confluence Academy-Old North

            Alexandra Grogg, special education, Confluence Academy-Old North

            Heather Headley, special education, Confluence Academy-Old North

            Marla Jeffries, Title I tutor, Confluence Academy-Old North

            Stanley Johnson, dean of students, Confluence Academy-Old North

            Anastasia Preston, seventh grade, Confluence Academy-Old North


            Deborah Bertish, sixth grade, Confluence Academy-South City

            Erika Harris, Title I tutor, Confluence Academy-South City

            Kimberly Holmes, first grade, Confluence Academy-South City

            Carol Horton, school nurse, Confluence Academy-South City

            Elizabeth Voges, special education, Confluence Academy-South City


            Ni-Rita Baker-Bradford, communication arts, Confluence Preparatory Academy

            Cortez Lofton, dean of students, Confluence Preparatory Academy

            Dan Ludwig, special education, Confluence Preparatory Academy

            Nicholas O’Donnell, social studies, Confluence Preparatory Academy


            Fred Bachman, security officer, Grand Center Arts Academy

            Deanna Breeden, sixth grade math, Grand Center Arts Academy

            Denise Farnworth, sixth grade communication arts, Grand Center Arts Academy

            Damen Martin, music, Grand Center Arts Academy

            Alexander Rearick, physical education, Grand Center Arts Academy

            Carol York, sixth grade science, Grand Center Arts Academy


Ten Years

            Elizabeth Cunningham, first grade, Confluence Academy-Old North

            Daphne Glass, Title I tutor, Confluence Academy-Old North

            Hannah Johnson, permanent building substitute, Aspire Academy

            Jennifer Ordaz, first grade, Confluence Academy-South City

            Robert Rattler, security officer, Confluence Academy-Old North

            Eloisa Villegas-Valencia, office manager, Confluence Academy-South City


*Aspire Academy, previously known as Confluence Academy-Walnut Park, is a Confluence Charter School.