Letter to Families and Staff regarding update on health and safety procedures and protocols

 Hello Confluence families and staff,

I am writing to share an update on our implementation of health and safety-related practices and protocols considering the recent news from the Centers for Disease Control and the City of St. Louis Department of Health. 

Currently, the City of St. Louis Department of Health (DOH) is recommending that schools remain mask-wearing for the health and safety of all.  Additionally, our standard practice of temperature checking and screening measures will also remain.  This is to ensure schools continue with actions to protect the health of students and also because they greatly reduce the impact of quarantine when there is close contact in the school setting.

As a result, we will continue to ensure everyone’s safety and stay the course following the guidance from the City of St. Louis Department of Health as we approach the final weeks of the school year.  As we move into summer, we will continue to work closely with the DOH for guidance as well as with our healthcare partners to convey information regarding vaccination opportunities for those interested. 

Let’s finish this school year healthy and strong.  Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Confluence.


Candice Carter-Oliver, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer